JACK Adventure: Platform Jump & Fight Quest

Have fun with JACK Adventure, the exciting 2D run and jump platform fighting game for your Android where Jack roams forests, caves, snow and volcanoes to eliminate the evil powers and rid the world of them. Collect energy to develop your weapons in one of the most thrilling new adventure platform jump and fight games! The genuine adventure plaform game you always wanted with exciting run and jump platform gameplay!


This 2D fighting platformer game is very exciting, fun and addictive but at the same time is challenging you to test your fighting skills. On this action game, you will enjoy the HD graphics and cool sounds while you play with your character Jack that needs to roams forests, caves, snow, and volcanoes in order to eliminate the evil powers and rid the world from them. In a world full of evil monsters, you need to move Jack and jump using the screen buttons, fighting the monsters in more than one way.


On the run and jump fighting game, you are offered to challenge your fighting skills in different adventure missions that will keep you interested in playing every time. In each mission, you need to fight and eliminate all the monsters in order to fight in another one. Offering you to collect coins in each stage, on this adventure game you will have the chance to win high scores for your achievements. Also, this run and jump adventure fighting game has to offer energy drink that helps your character Jack to heal when he is hurt.


The evil monsters are very powerful and because of that your character Jack must fight hard to collect energy. The energy that you collect in every level of this 2D fighting game is necessary because Jack needs it for developing his highly powerful weapons. All you need to do in every mission of the game adventure is to fight as hard as you can, keep Jack save and help him jump and run to fight the evil powers so he can save the world from them. Have fun and test your fighting skills with this incredible fight game.


✔️ Easy to play fighting adventure, with simple on screen controls

✔️ 2D fighting platform adventure game with HD graphics & cool sound effects

✔️Fight to eliminate the evil powers

✔️Lots of levels/missions offered

✔️Jump to fight the monsters in multiple ways

✔️Collect coins & drink energy drinks to heal Jack

✔️Collect energy to develop powerful weapons

✔️FREE jump fight platformer to play

Explore this mesmerizing jumping adventure game and platform dash adventure for new levels of entertainment. Help Jack fight the evil monsters and collect energy to develop powerful weapons that will help you in every mission against these evil powers! Download JACK Adventure for FREE and have fun!


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